August 4, 2011

Dodge Ram 1500

Did you know it was good luck to spend large amounts of money in groups of three?

1. Wedding
2. New House
3. New Truck

That is right, a new truck. We had planned on purchasing a new vehicle in Novemeber- before the roads got bad. BUT- the Grand Prix learned of our plan (I told Ben we should never discuss new cars around our current cars- they know what we are saying) and began acting up more than normal. So we cleaned up the Grand Prix and went to the dealership that we had been looking at.

After several hours of finacial planning and a trip to the BMV for new driver license we took the truck home. The next day was spent on the phone with banks trying to bargin for lower interest rates. All is well that ends well! We got a good deal (and warranty) on the truck and even got more than we thought for the Grand Prix. Check out the video for a good look at the new truck in our drive way.

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