August 7, 2011

Dog Days of Summer

Today Ben and I planned on going up to the lake for the day and enjoying the boat and what not. Well the weather that was BEAUTIFUL here in Bluffton was not at the lake. We arrive at the lake just as his parents were putting away the boat and calling it a weekend. BUMMER!

The good news though- Dogs do not care if it is raining at the lake. So we let Grissom play. He loves fetching his lake toy and then playing keep away from Ben and me. So of course I made a video of him playing! We then had some lunch and the storm that was coming blew over and the sun came out! Funny how Indiana can be so tempermental! We decided to all go play in the water since the weather warmed up and got sunny.

There are several shots from the rain and then the sunny weather- you can tell Grissom likes the lake and doesn't care about the weather! It was so nice to get out of the house and spend time together as family at the lake.

Ben had to be back for football so we hurried home in the NEW truck- only to have it break down. (ahh the joys of being an adult.) We will update you on all that later. Basically I am going to rant and rave until the truck is fixed or the dealership begs us to pick out a new automobile.

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