September 6, 2011

Fall = Baking and Crafts

This is a QUICK post to show off some of my new house decorations and baking creations. First the baking- nothing screams fall weather in Indiana better than a house that smells like cookies. I already have all my fall decorations out and pumpkin/apple pie candles ready. I took a little time this past week (and had Ben help me!) and made some more cake pops!- this time they were "Fun-fete" and the tasted as good as they looked. Ben is really in love with these and is already trying to get me to make different kinds and sell them at our local Farmers Market- always looking to make a buck.

I also have finished the entry way!- Please note: the old people in the frames will not be staying. We ordered wedding pictures of family to go in the frames- they just haven't arrived yet. (This is in no way a slam on the elderly, who are overly in love and enjoy sunflowers.)

Hope you like!- Love,

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