September 6, 2011

Happy Birthday Stephanie!!

Today is my little sister's birthday and I don't know how it happend but she is 23 years old! If she is that old.... that means I am REALLY old.

This sums up all our photos.

I remember so many fun things about our childhood. From singing "The Song That Never Ends" in all different forms, to creating special handshakes that only we knew, we were litearlly best friends. We were also the best fighters EVER:

30 seconds later.
"I am sorry, I love you, you weren't adopted- at least not to my knowledge, now can I please use the compter?"

I must say though- some of my favorite memories of my sister involve the two years I drove her "non-morning person" butt to school. (Now is a good time to mention- those two years were her best pertaining to attendace and being on time). I would normally wait about 10 minutes in the car- honking my horn because she had just rolled out of bed as I poured my 3rd cup of coffee. She would then stomp outside and plop in the car- with a look of pure hate. Then as we passed Woodman Lane her tone and look would change and she would polietly ask if I had any money- of course I did. So she would ask about my day and I knew something was up and then... she would ask: "Since we are running early... (by her definition- she would make it to homeroom by the first bell) we should get some Krispe Kream."

She knew exactly how to butter me up and get a chocolate milk and doughnut out of it all. And somehow she made it to school with breakfast and lunch money all from me to make it through her Freshman and Sophmore years of high school- not sure how she survied the two year after I graduated but I heard they were full of tardies and a hungry Steph.

I want to take a minute and say: Happy Birthday Stephanie- you are so beautiful and funny- NEVER change, unless it is out of my clothes and into your own.

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