October 1, 2011

Fall Break in Colorado!

Since Ben and I have different Fall Breaks, I spent my break in Denver with my wonderful Grandmother! I was so excited to spend some time with her and gain even more life guidance from the all knowing Glenna Hale. I was able to attend meetings and even help host a cocktail hour at her house. I was able to share with her my love for frozen yogurt and she took me to the mountains for a hike and a winery visit. Of course we spent time in the local shops :) It wouldn't have been a visit without some shopping. I was also happy to see Molly and Austin- the dogs. I will have to say the best part of the trip was our quiet night in with homemade pizza and the movie "Bridesmaids" HILARIOUS!

Though, the flight back to Indianapolis reminded me of a terror flight movie and I ended up with an ear infection from the traveling- it was so worth it! Here are few pictures of our adventures:

The view on our hike!

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