October 1, 2011

Happy 50th Birthday Dad!

September 26th might have been a rather simple Monday in your life- but for my father, it marked his 50th year on this earth! I am sad that this post is so late- but either way I want to take some time and share how happy I am to have Steven Lee Berhalter as my father.

Seeing as I am the first to have ever called him "Daddy" I think we have a very special bond. I remember being read bedtime stories at night- especially The Giving Tree. I also remember how much my dad loved fall in Indiana. His favorite color is orange and he taught me how to carve pumpkins and how to have an awesome haunted trail. He also makes a mean sausage sandwich and can somehow make the perfect eggs.

When Stephanie came along, and even Steven and Nick- the love and spoiling continued. I have pictures of all of us making snowmen and laughing outside while raking leaves or hiding (or stealing in my case) easter eggs. He also seems to know exactly how to surprise me- from coming to my water polo games when we played at Miami of Ohio or meeting me at the airport just for breakfast when I was to fly out for my grandpa's funeral. He is just so thoughtful.

Now that I am grown up and living too far away- we still have our special time to catch up and talk. I always call when I am driving so nothing can inturupt (other than all the dead zones in Indiana) and Dad will answer the phone and guess: "Are you clocking in windsheild time!?"

I realized towards the end of college that Dad was not "the perfect superman", but that made me love him more. I realized that for all the times my actions may have let him down he loved me for learning from those mistakes. Seeing him grow into an even stronger man gives me hope that I too can continue to learn and grow through my mistakes.

In the last two years I have been able to share very big life events with my father and I have never been so happy to see his proud smiles. As I graduated from Purdue University- being the first Berhalter to ever do so- I could hear him cheering! Then this past year getting married to a man that my father loves- He even flew in for buisness and made time to go wedding dress shopping with me! I have never seen my dad so happy and pround during the wedding and during our Father/Daughter Dance.

Happy Birthday Daddy- I hope you loved your picture and frame as well as your homemade card! I love you.

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