October 9, 2011

Happy Birthday Mommy!

Today is my mother's 23rd (times a few) Birthday!!

I would love to list all the ways I love her but we would be here for years- instead I will pull from my memory some of the great times and traditions I have with my mom.

I was the first born which OBVIOUSLY means I am the favorite! (Just kidding Steffi) but really- mom tells me stories about how excited she was to finally hold me and now that I am married and children are in the future- I understand that excitement. It really is a mother to child excitement you will only understand when you too are in those shoes.

I remember how much she loved me and Stephanie. We are a 'petting' family, this means we are very affectionate and we love to show our love. Mom will pet your arm or play with your hair especially when we were sick. Mom made being sick bearable- EVEN in college when I was sick at 5:30 am, I called my mom because she somehow makes it all better.

She also taught me how to laugh- mostly at myself. I clearly recall random trips to Kings Island and we would ride a few rides and get a funnel cake, then on the ride home we would all sing at the top of our lungs whatever songs were on the radio. She would tell us stories of Aunt DD and he getting in trouble as kids and we would laugh at them- and as we get older she would clue us in on our own childhood stories. Like me pooping ALL OVER myself on an airplane (AS A BABY!- don't worry).

I love how proud and supportive she is. I have a picture from a newspaper where she came to my school in Kindergarten and we had some parents day song- then we handed out roses made of chocolate. The picture is me sitting on her lap and giving her the rose. I also remember her coming to see me at Purdue while I played water polo, and she even came up once JUST for lunch. She was very proud of my achievements with Higher Ground Dance Company where she came to so many shows! She was also proud when I graduated from Purdue. In June, before the wedding, she came up to Indiana before any family, just to help me finish all the wedding details and flowers. She seemed so proud and surprised at how grown up I had become- But I hope she knows how much of that day and planning was for me to be able to say: "Look at what I did Mom!" and after seeing all the pictures, I could finally stop and see that she was proud probably the most proud I had ever seen.


Mom is great at so many things, like Sunday breakfasts, Christmas gifts, hugs, surprises, creating traditions, teaching me how to dance, and perfume choice.

Somehow, moms make everything better- when I am upset or lost she is always a text away (see she NEVER answers her phone.) I love you Mom- and I hope that these few memories have found you well on your birthday!

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