October 24, 2011

Is it Christmas yet?....

Wow- where has October gone!? I just realized yesterday that our milk went bad a week ago. Clearly we have been very busy.

Great news- Ben's football team, the Mississinewa Indians is 8-2 and advancing on in sectionals! Though we are excited to be doing so well this season I think we are both ready for a little break. Luckily Ben has just that coming up, his fall break is this Wednesday through Friday. He is so lucky... sleeping has really become a treat for both of us.

In other great news: Swim season began today! 23 girls and 1 diver! They are a young team but are doing great. I can't wait to spend the next 4 months with these girls. I will probably see them more than I will Ben once basketball starts. I love my "Baby Ducks" as I call them... yes I know we are actually Tiger Sharks. If you would like a schedule maybe just to check out my sweet school website go to http://www.amandaburman.com/ and check it all out!

I have this application on my phone that gives pictures this really neat hue- so I figured I would show some pictures of our house in the fall- enjoy!

Wedding Wall :)

With Christmas coming up we (mostly me) have been getting gifts together and I even bought all the wrapping paper as well as several gifts. I like to be completely done with gifts early... more time for wrapping art. You see, I have this amazing talent (from my Grandmother Glenna) to make gifts look like art. I am so excited for the holidays. I am craving music and already buying holiday decor. I am actually really excited about sending out Christmas cards and buying all new decorations! I have this website linked to my school desktop :) 61 days until Christmas.

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