November 1, 2011

Halloween, Fall Fun and Family

This is probably my favorite, yet busiest, time of year! We just celebrated Halloween and I must say- even though we don't have children... that didn't stop us from purchasing three (YES 3!) different costumes for Grissom, our dog. We got a pumpkin... too small. We got a chicken.. ears didn't fit. We got a basketball player... it was perfect.

We also got to spend some time this weekend with The original 'Burmans'. We had an amazing dinner with Rosemary and Steve, AND Grandpa and Grandma. It was such a treat to catch up and give them hugs. Grissom was also very excited to see Gabby.

While in Noblesville we took a trip to Stoney Creek. Ben took me there last year as a surprise and we made a special trip to go again this year. They have hay rides, face painting and a pumpkin patch. They also have a zip line and this bouncy thing that I found out I am too big to play on. Basically- this place is my fall heaven. We carved the pumpkins we picked out and welcomed all three trick-or-treaters with candy.... candy I must now eat since I have NO WILL POWER. Next year we are buying candy I don't like!

Swimming has started for me- we are in full swing now! I can't wait for our first meet November 12th. I guess I should quickly mention I fell in at practice last week... in my dress clothes from work. Basketball is just getting started for Ben. Yes, that is right- basketball. The football team lost this past Friday in the second round of sectional games. The Mississinewa Football team went 8-3 this season... compared to the 2-9 last year, I would venture to say Ben is actually the lucky charm. Yes- this also means the mustache is gone.

Good news- I am almost finished with Christmas shopping! I adore the feeling of being done early. A few more purchases and home creations and I can begin the art festival many call gift wrapping.

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