November 14, 2011

Just call me Martha Stewart.

This weekend was a busy one! Ben had basketball practice and parent meeting while I had our first swim meet on Saturday (We beat our cross-town rivals!) We then had a really nice dinner at the high school with some of my co-workers and community members for Youth For Christ. It was so nice to see what that program has done for our school. It was also nice to see so many of my swimmers and students there!

Church on Sunday was very nice- it was about how you use your words. The lesson actually made its way into my classroom today- you can check out my classroom website for that one though. Basically before you speak you should "THINK":

T - is what you are about to say TRUTHFUL?
H - is what you are about to say HELPFUL?
I - is what you are about to say INSPIRATIONAL?
N - is what you are about to say NESSESARY?
K - is what you are about to say KIND?

I also spent some time working on our Christmas cards and even crafting and baking. I love my crock pot and I have asked Ben for more baking utenciles and materials for Christmas. I bet that just screams new wife.

Book Wreath

Book Christmas Tree

Homemade Popovers

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