November 21, 2011

Why are the weekends so short?

This past weekend seemed to fly by- we visited with family and friends, had practices and did some holiday shopping. I even found time to do some crafting and spent some girly time with Jill.

Friday night was a boring night- we caught up on Homeland ( one of our favorite new T.V. series) and then I went to bed. We woke up early and I went with Ben to his morning basketball practice. See while he was blowing whistles and yelling, I went shopping! I love that I found time to hit up a Target even if it was just for 30 minutes.

After practice we visited with Rosemary and Gabby. (Gross side note- did you know that when a dog is in heat, they really have a period.... and have to wear a diaper for dogs...) Then we headed over to Casey and Jill's new house. It is so pretty! I love how much room they have. They are actually hosting Thanksgiving dinner at their house- brave!

Then we went to dinner at Stone Creek- very good and very expensive. After dinner and laughs both couples hit up the shopping scene. A little Old Navy and Bed Bath and Beyond. Gosh we sound old... (wait it gets better.) We then ventured back to the Zeller homestead where Ben and I whooped the Zellers at Euchre! There...... now we are old.

Sunday was full of sleep and relaxing- plus CRAFTS. We are trying to collect as many ornaments as possible seeing this will be our first Christmas and we don't have any. We really wanted a Purdue oranment.... $25 was the cheapest I could find. YEAH RIGHT- So I found these four helments ($3.00) on clearence at Purdue and used ribbon from the wedding. DIY Purdue Football ornaments- with Ben's help I made four of these cool guys:

I also made stuffed apples- got the idea from Pinterest and they were very good!

Have a wonderful rest of your Monday :)

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