January 14, 2012

Ben and Amanda- The new HGTV stars.

I am very picky about furniture and how things get decorated in our house. I'm sure you can imagine my frustrations in learning how to live with another person and all their.... 'different' decoration ideas. So far we have managed to make things look nice but still didn't have a dresser or chest of drawers in our bedroom. UNTIL now!

I had been searching the web for used furniture (I like that shabby chic look) and found some items in Fort Wayne. I had to go up for a dress fitting so I took the truck and some cash to see what I could get. Well, I did some bargining and I got these beautiful pieces for $200.

Yes, I know- they look terrible at first but after I thought a good polish, new knobs and moving of the mirror would get me exactly what I wanted. I brought the pieces home and Ben helped me unload. We put on the new knobs I already bought on and took off some the decorative gold off. I polished them and we mounted the mirror on the chest.

I loved what we had- but Ben had bigger (and better) ideas. I saw a picture of a TV mounted above a buffet type dresser and talked to him about it. We were off to Lowe's to find a mount and materials to hide the cords (my biggest worry). Ben did it!- he mounted the TV and hid the cords.... AND it all worked. I love him so much. Here is the end product.

I am now looking for a new rug and night stands that match- or have a good style I can mesh with. I love having my own house to decorate!

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