January 15, 2012

House Guests and "Bird Dog Gifts"

This past week the Burman household welcomed Gabby, Steve and Rosemary's puppy, as they were going to visit the Seder clan in New Mexico. Gabby is a cute and lovey golden retriever. She is full of energy and this was great for Grissom as they played into the evening hours. Some how, there is always a party pooper and that was Grissom. He murdered Gabby's favorite toy. See the following picture where Grissom is smiling and Gabby looks confused- then notice all the stuffing on the ground:

Well Gabby would not take this homicide lightly. She got ALL of us back later that week. Since she was in her crate during the day, her evil intentions were limited. So she tried to dig her way out of the crate. In doing this- her plan became clear. she DESTROYED the crate, carpet and Ben's workout gear that was too close to the crate.

Final Score: Gabby 3 - Grissom 1

We still love Gabby, and since she has been gone Grissom is very lonely. We will welcome her back anytime and make sure Grissom is kind so Gabby will have no need to return the favor.

In other news: Ben is not teaching anymore. After much prayer and job searching we decided a new career seemed like a good idea. Ben resigned at Christmas Break and had one week off before beginning his new job at Courtesy Motors in Decatur. He is now a Sales Consultant and loves it! The people are funny and he has been very successful. We are working on new ways to bring in new customers. "Bird Dog Gifts" for people who just bought a car are the new thing. See you leave a small gift in the car and if they like it they will talk about you, if they don't they will re-gift it and then talk about you. See it brings people back. So we bought candy, coffee and other small treats. I then used my crafty ways to dress them up with "Thank You" cards and ribbon. I hope these techniques bring in lots of new sales opportunities for Ben.

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