March 29, 2012

Day 4 of Spring Break

Where has my Spring Break gone!? Today (and the entire week actually) has been dubbed "Leah's Wedding Prep Week!" See my good friend Leah Robles is getting married in June and since we have the same schedule why not have a week to prepare the details?

Monday = Flowers!
We now have final examples of each flower for the bridal party and beyond.

Tuesday = Leah finishes address labels (Yes... a Bride needs an entire day for this!)

Wednesday = Invitations Day!

Yes, we did make them on the computer.

The Bride-to-be stuffing RSVP's

Thursday = Reception Venue Final Decisions and Church Venue Final Decisions!

Friday = Finish Invitations and Flowers.

This wedding is going to be beautiful! Check out Leah and Brandon's Wedding Website

This is also Day #2 of the DOGS. (Cue the "Who Let the Dogs Out!" theme music.)

Basically, they drink...go in trouble and nap (of course they then repeat.) So far the only stress is feeding time and the morning. It like having triplets...Wait..... I see what the in-laws are trying to do!- Prepare us for multiples. So thoughtful!! :)


 In other news - I LOVE THE HUNGER GAMES. Ben and I have both read the book(s), I am currently chugging through book #2. We went to see the movie last night and it was great! Though, we did have 40-something single men sitting behind us who seemed to think they were Siskel and Ebert. I over heard one give it a thumbs up while the other was trying to make plans for Bdubs later that evening. Overall- Date night and movie was a success.

More news from the Burman Household tomorrow (or later today... I am on Spring Break after all).

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