March 31, 2012

Dog daze

I just have to share some funny and cute pictures from the last few days. These images should help all understand the craziness that is my house.

First up we have Keady, in the bathtub.... see she LOVES the water and baths. We couldn't find her and I heard my shampoo drop. We walked in and found her playing in the still damp shower. She had been out side and was a bit dusty. Add the water and we have mud. Missing muddy puppy found in the bathtub.

Still on Keady, she happened to eat one of Ben's PS3 controllers and had to spend some time in her "room" and when Dad got home she was going to get it!... The next picture was her "getting it!" As you will see Ben is a softy.

Now onto Gabby, our visitor. Today I was doing some serious spring cleaning and I had just finished vacuuming the living room but hadn't put away the vacuum cleaner yet. As a matter of fact, it was still plugged in. I went to the kitchen for just a minute and came back, this is what I found:

Yes, that is the dog trapped in the cord. I have no clue how she did this, but before I freed the tangled dog I was able to snag a few pictures.

Have a great night, I have to go back to school on Monday so don't expect such detailed blogs in the coming weeks.

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