March 25, 2012

The Man, The Myth, The Legend

Billy Burman
March 4th 1928 - March 11th 2012

On March 11th the world lost one of the funniest and adventurous souls. Billy Burman, Ben's grandfather passed away. Though the reports are not back yet, we are pretty sure it was heart failure that caused his passing. His memorial was last Wednesday hosted through Flanner and Buchanan Funeral Centers in Noblesville, Indiana.

Since Ben and I have such different experiences with Grandpa Bill it would only be appropriate for us to share our thoughts in different sections. Here are my memories:

I only have a few stories about Bill, but all of them are hilarious and supportive. The first time I met the Burman grandparents was in the summer between my senior and super senior year at Purdue. I remember sitting on the couch, trying to make a good impression, and talking with Gaynelle about what I did at Purdue. She told me that Ben talked about how I did dance and she asked what kind of dance I did... and this hilarious conversation took place:

Amanda: Well I do lyrical, ballet, and jazz.
Bill: No pole?
Gaynelle: Bill!! (gentle smack)
Amanda: (Stunned yet humored face)... nope.
Bill: Oh....

As you can see, our friendship was off and running. I got to hear stories about near death dives off bridges and about how to make the railroads and even lake stories. I loved hearing stories about how Gaynelle and Billy met and got married. This was the best kind of story- Ben and I actually got married the weekend of Bill and Gaynelle's 60th wedding anniversary. We got them their own cake and we still talk about how they truly are a great example of a happy marriage. I will miss Bill's laugh and his great love for his wife and family.

I have too many memories of my granpa to share just one.  I can remember him getting all made up by my sister when we were little, him doing his Donald Duck impression, and always managing to slide me a little extra cash when I was leaving their house.  But what I will remember most about him was how much he cared about his family, especially his wife.  It was very clear how proud he was to have my dad as a son, to have the grandchildren he had, and to be married to my grandma for 62 years. 

Granpa had a ton of personality and appreciation for life.  He loved fishing, working in the yard, and sitting doing crossword puzzles with grandma.  He was a great man and left a great legacy.  He will be greatly missed, but never forgotten. 

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