April 30, 2012

Mystery Solved

About two weeks ago Ben and I were sitting down for dinner when we noticed Keady playing with something, it was small and black so we quickly took it from her. This is what we found:

So we took a quick break from dinner and went on a wild goose chase to see what she had destroyed. Funny thing... everything we found was still plugged in OR still had a plug in. She after about 15 minutes of this we decided that since our house was still standings (i.e. no electrical fire) and the dog seemed fine (i.e. no eye twitches from an electric shock) we were not to worried.

Then, this weekend I was making the guest bed in preparation for Steven to come up for the summer and I noticed the alarm clock wasn't telling the correct time. I then realized the ticking that this old alarm clock was famous for was also not audible. I pulled the cord.... and there it was, no plug. Apparently Keady had enough of the continuous ticking and her lack of ability to tell time just got to her.

And now just a few pictures of our traveling pups:

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