May 21, 2012

If Keady had thumbs...

Today Ben and I had very busy days and when I got home I had to let the dogs out really quick. Keady made a mess in her crate so I put her in the guest bathroom when I had to rush out the door for dinner with Ben.

I got home before Ben and went to let her out.... only to find that in her panic, after realizing what mom had just done, she SOMEHOW locked the door from the inside and I could NOT get her out.

I had to wait for Ben to arrive home to save the day. See the following evidence that I am NOT ready for a real child:

In other news, tomorrow is my last day of school and this summer I plan to do nothing but get in shape and spend some time with my little brother. Throw a few 5K's and in there and my 26th birthday and all is good!

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