May 30, 2012

May Birthdays - Nick and Bobbie

My step-mom and little brother celebrate their birthday's just a few days apart. I thought I would give them both birthday shout outs in one blog!

Nick (nickel-pickle) just turned eleven. Woah- where has the time gone? I remember carrying you around and changing diapers. You were such a energetic baby. You would run and run and run circles around your mom and dad. You are still so energetic and I pray that someday you will find a great outlet for that energy. Did you all know that Nick is a baseball stud! He is sought after to be on all kinds of travel teams. I am happy to see another Berhalter in athletics. Nick came up and visited me two summers ago and the only time he sat still was when Ben and I took him to an Indians game! He love baseball- Happy late birthday Nick!

 Bobbie just celebrated a BIG milestone- 50th Birthday! She is such a beautiful women and has been such a strong hold for her family. Her battle with MS is a tough one, but each day she smiles and tries to get through the pain for her family. I hope she had an amazing birthday and I know the next 50 will be amazing!

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