May 24, 2012

Summer Break!

I am happy to announce it is now summer break for me! This year summer is ACTUALLY a break. I am not coaching, planning a wedding, taking a bunch of trips, moving, or anything stressful. I am looking forward to crafting, taking time to get in shape, sleeping in! The list is long and glorious.

Before I get to excited I must say that I will miss several of the seniors who will be graduating tomorrow! One in particular. This young man was a swimmer and even gave me an awesome framed piece of art work - see here for that story. He was a cadet for me and often would run out to my car to get things I forgot or were to heavy to carry in. Doing that he realized I NEVER locked my doors.

After he figured this out I began to find things in my car, like a free coffee coupon, gum, Purdue stickers.... the list is endless. After one very rough day in the classroom he must have gotten wind of the terror in B-06 and wrote me a very kind note- basically giving me a teacher verbal high-five.

I pulled into school on the last day and the seniors aren't there on that day- I then realized I would never be getting kind gifts or thoughtful words of encouragement. WRONG- I went to leave there was a tiny piece of paper, simple and sweet "You will never know how much I learned from you. I will miss you." Tears.

THEN- the last teacher day I walked out to a few little notes - that's Sam for you- never can leave things sweet must make a joke too. My car was sticky noted. Evidence below:

Always a good laugh. I am going to miss ALL my seniors so much. Please be safe in all your life experiences and feel free to stop by and chat ANY TIME!

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