June 3, 2012

Quarter Life Celebration

Today is my wonderful, handsome, and talented, husband's birthday. He is 25 years young and I am so thankful he came into my life. He literally just walked into one of my classes and we haven't looked back. God always has a plan and upon meeting Ben I realized that.

Ben is such an amazing man. He is genuine and thoughtful. He is terrible with the lovey dovey words stuff, but he does his best- he shows love and I love flowers for no reason or a kiss on the forehead, or playing with my hair before bed. I love the way he is around his family (especially his beautiful nieces!) I love how he holds my hand when we pray and I adore his love for coaching and teaching.

He is so loving, check out his first ever love note:

Hey Kid- Believe it or not, I'm not too good at all that mushy lovey-dovey talk, but I just wanted to tell you that the last week has been awesome. There was never a time that we were hanging out that I would have rather been somewhere else.

There was more.... but it is just for me. Our friends mesh so well and I must say that we have some of the best friends in the world. Basically- I am thankful for Ben each and every day but since it is his birthday I would put it out there for public knowledge. I love my husband and in his 25 years I bet many people would agree that he is a great person, son, brother, friend, teacher, christian, coach, uncle, son-in-law, dog owner, future father and of course Husband.

For Ben's birthday this year we kept it low key, as Ben has worked upwards of 70 hours this week! Saturday after working much later than we thought we threw together some plans with our new Indiana resident pals, Caitlin and Will. Along came Amanda and Nick some high school and college pals as well! We went out to eat in Carmel at Kona Grill (VERY GOOD!) then we just hung out and had a few drinks while catching up. On Sunday (the actual birthday) we went to Church and had an amazing sermon about not wasting your youth, very fitting since Ben is such a young man! Then we got some food to grill out. We then ate, opened gifts, napped, talked with family and worked on our yard. Simple but relaxing- just like Ben!

Happy Birthday Handsome.

Dinner at Kona Grill

Eclare Cake and Gifts