July 1, 2012

Addition, Extractions, and a Wedding

Here at the Burman homestead we have had such a busy few weeks. Steven arrived on June 16th for a summer visit! He is leaving after we go to the lake for a big family vacation. I will be sad to see him go, but I will say there is a reason God gives your little babies before he gives you a growing16 year old. (To prepare you for the growing grocery budget!)

Steven, my date to the Rehearsal Dinner
Keady LOVES Steven

Steven was my date to my friend Leah's wedding. Her wedding was BEAUTIFUL. I had a blast helping organize and decorate for her big day- but I must say being a bridesmaid is a lot of work, that is why dancing away the night is a must!

The reason Steven was my date was because for Ben's birthday I got him DMB tickets for Friday and Saturday. So while he was jammin out to Dave I was working my magic on the wedding front. We both were exactly where we needed to be, see he is a DMB fan through and through, while I am a wedding planner wanna be. It all worked out- plus Leah was such a beautiful bride, I am so happy I didn't miss any of it.

What a beautiful bride!

Yes, that is me and Leah, breaking it down!

I must also tell you all that I had my wisdom teeth "extracted" on Friday. Poor Ben.. he took such good care of me. He did tell me some pretty funny stories of my reactions to the meds and how mad I got about a few things too. I was thankful he didn't take any videos! My mouth was so numb and Ben made me a smoothie.... well that ended with a sticky mess. Just so you all know, I was awake for the entire surgery, drugged, but awake. That was very weird: I could hear them breaking my teeth to get them out.... luckily I couldn't feel a thing. I am three days out and doing well - I have lost ten pounds. This was a great start to a summer diet!

Ice and pain killers = best friend.