July 25, 2012

Busy July

It has been a very busy few weeks for me. The beginning of July was spent recovering and trying to train for the Beach Dash in Chicago.  It is a 5k with obstacles and it was so much fun because two of my best friends from college helped me get through it! This was my birthday trip and present to myself! Thank you Laura and Vanessa. They are both training for marathons this fall... so I was the slow one!

After the race we hung out and even made dinner and then had a night out in Chicago. The last birthday I celebrated in Chicago with these girls was my 21st. I sure don't feel 21 anymore! We even ran into some old Purdue Family. Eggs and Henn... I just realized that we call them Eggs and Henn..... haha.

Yes, I am now 26 years young and I am fully prepared to be the oldest of all my friends. Four more years until 30....... ugh. 

We just got back from a family vacation at Loon Lake. Ben and I actually rented a nice cottage this summer and it was the best idea ever. Everyone had enough space to sleep and lounge and the dogs and kids had direct lake access. It was perfect. After one day all the kids were sleeping like babies!

Our lake view and pier. 
Of course there were so many pictures and fun times I had to make a movie- plus this gave me a reason to use the new programs from the school computers. Check it out!