July 9, 2012

Keady meets Aunt DD and Mommy

My mom and sister were (are still) in town for the weekend! I was able to drive to Eaton, where my Aunt lives and see my mom (and Aunt obviously)! I took Keady since my Aunt is such an amazing dog person and they have this huge yard and friendly dogs - (Aunt DD calls them my cousins....) either way I knew Keady would just love it!

Keady is getting better with road trips, for those of you who forgot... the day I paid off the car... Keady peed in the back seat. She did just get spayed and was a little out of it... I blame the drugs for her act of rebellion.

When we got to my Aunt DD's house in Eaton, I got to see and hug my mom and let Keady meet her new buds. Well it was a little tough at first since Pete my Aunts younger male boxer wanted to lay on Keady... claim her... alpha male her or just love on her. After a while (and Keady pooping in the house) all was well and she was even using the doggy door!

The lady folk went to lunch and caught up and then we came back and we all had to head our separate ways! It was so good to see the women in my family!

On the way there!

Mom and Aunt DD

On the way home- POOPED