September 5, 2012

Happy Birthday Big Girl

September 6th is my little sister's birthday! She is celebrating it by working her first week at her very own big girl job. I am so very proud of her and all the correct life choices she is making right now. Keep it up old lady!

As I get older (and she reminds me each year that I am creeping towards 30) I want her to realize how old she too is getting. Though instead of telling her how CLOSE to 30 she is ... I will remind her how far from childhood she has grown. Let us take a walk through the many childhood photos of Stephanie Jeananne Berhalter.

The young gangster.

She was always more flexible.

Check out that Fashionista pose. She was meant for bigger things.

Somehow she always got the cuter dress.

AND she always spent more time in the corner.
Stephanie, I hope you see that yes, I might be almost 30 years old. I like to see it as I am 4 years aways from 30, while you are around 15 years aways from childhood. I am closer to being old than you are young.... so somehow in my sad little old woman mind... I win.

I love you little sister. Somehow between fights, missing eyebrows, broken arms, cut skirts, missing shirts and convincing you part your bangs to the side and put the eye liner on your eyes and not your lips, you became my best friend. I love you.