September 13, 2012

We love our Dogs.

Today I took Keady and Grissom to a place called Angela's. They are a Dog Grooming/Breeder/Boarder/Doggie Daycare business. The dogs needed to be deep cleaned. I usually got this done with Grissom once a year. They get bathed with this awesome shampoo that makes them smell good for a while and they trim their nails, they play with other dogs and then are lovely all night because they didn't think we were coming back to get them.

I am not sure how I will ever be able to drop off my kids at daycare because I teared up watching Keady freak out as I left. She was so confused and I just wanted to love on her. Grissom, he knew what was up and was chill and ready for some pampering. I think he has a girlfriend there, and once a year they met up to rekindle their love.

Check out these beautiful dogs! Yes, they do get pretty bandannas to wear too!

Aren't they pretty!

This week has been very long for both Ben and me! Basketball has "started" and its over lapping wth football is killing us. I also had my callout for swim team today and started my year long teaching position at "Brandy's Dance Studio". It will be a busy year and I can honestly say that we are looking forward to having the same spring break this year! We are starting to plan a vacation :)

Unitl next time!