December 14, 2012

New pictures and surprises!

As we said in the previous post (I know.... it was a while ago!) Keady has a new home. I have a few pictures of her and her new family! It is so nice to see her happy.

Ben and I also got pictures taken for Christmas cards and of course for our own pleasure since we haven't had any since our pictures taken since the wedding. One of my past swimmers from summer swim, who also goes to our church, took them. His name is Andrew Craft for those who are looking for a nice photographer! Here are a few: 

Yes- many of you already know- BUT now it is blog official. Ben and I are expecting our first child in June! Perfect timing and I can't wait to meet this little Gummy Bear (or Gummy Drop- depends on the grandmother referring to the baby.) I like Baby Burman- I have my next appointment in a week. Today I am 14 weeks along and I am out of the "Gross Feeling" time! Now I am just tired and cry a lot.... 

at 10 weeks!

at 12 weeks- after a swim meet!

I will not turn this blog into our "Baby Story" but I will post pictures and updates! This has been such a different year in our lives and I can't help but be so thankful. The next post will be from the men (Ben and Grissom!)