December 30, 2012

Why we love Winter Break!

I sometimes look forward to winter break more than my students. I think Ben can also feel this way. Even though we both coach winter sports (which means we are still at the schools and around some students) the time away from the classroom and with each other is amazing.

Grissom LOVES having us home. He is like a whole new dog. He cuddles and wants to play- he hasn't escaped from the yard and instead hurries back in the house to hang out. He also likes to sleep with us like a human. I am not sure where baby Burman is going to sleep when he or she arrives.....

As for the holidays Ben and I started it off with a mini-vacation. Ben's parents bought a new lake house and we took a quick visit before the holiday rush. We had a fire, took Grissom on a walk, ate dinner, read books and slept in. They also have a jacuzzi tub.... I spent so quality pregnant lady time in that bad boy!

After the day at the lake we headed home to prepare for our Christmas at the Burman's House. We wrapped gifts and packed up the car, and Grissom. On Chirstmas Eve the Meyer side of the family (Rosemary's Brother and family) came over and opened gifts- Rosemary has been so kind as to add in one of my family traditions: Chinese food! I love it.

Then on Christmas day we woke up to our last Christmas with no children and acted like kids! Rosemary and Steve get us stockings and we open the gifts youngest to oldest. One thing I really love doing before we open gifts (adopting this tradition) we read the passage from the Bible that describes how and when Jesus was born and then we pray. After all the gifts were opened we napped, snacked, and played. Then Gaynelle came over for dinner. It was a great time of family.  Ben and I had to rush home to beat the snow (or predicted Blizzard). The next day Ben had practice, mine was cancelled by administration and we cuddled.

Merry Christmas from: Ben, Amanda and our traveling dog Grissom. (I can't forget the ever growing Baby Burman!)