January 20, 2013

Pink or Blue?

These past few weeks have been so busy! Ben and I are both in the midst of our seasons and this means messy house and sleepy weekends. We really only get to hang out when we are driving places. Speaking of driving- we bought a new CAR! That is right, a baby mobile. We bought a 2007 silver GMC Envoy. I will post pictures as soon as I can. Basically I feel fancy and up high when I drive now. This did mean trading in "Charlie" my Black L200 Saturn. He was good to me and after all the trips it was time to let someone else enjoy that smooth ride.

I had senior night for swimming last week and that means the season is on the end swing- HOWEVER I am also coaching middle school swimming and that will take me into March. What was I thinking? Ben is in the main part of his season too - they just had ACAC Conference and played really well! He is also helping with the Youth League on Sundays. I told you- we are busy!

Grissom hates it that we are gone all the time, he likes to hug us now and sleep up by our faces. That dog just loves his humans.

One thing Grissom is very excited about it being a big brother. He already is being very protective of me and laying his head on my stomach. I can't wait until there is bigger movement so it will freak him out.
We did have an appointment on Friday- the baby is GROWING! The heart rate was 145 and that is very good, we were able to see the heart and all four chambers, we could see the bladder, which means the kidneys are functioning and the legs are long and the movements are so cute. I have only gained 10 lbs from the first appointment (it feels like 30).

Oh. One more thing.....

It is a little GIRL! 
 This is so funny and shocking because Ben and I were sure it was a boy, like we didn't even talk about girl names until the drive home from the doctor's office. We are so excited and already planning the dating rules.

 That is all for now- I am working on Christmas Thank You cards - and Valentines day cards at the same time... yes we are that far behind. I am just lucky Ben has a friend in the Tax business.... I forgot it was almost that time of year!