April 8, 2013

Baseball, Dance and Grissom is 21?!

Well, now that Tiger Dance Company is over I can catch up this blog! We have been just as busy as we are in the winter around this house lately! I came home after school today and did somethings around the house and plan to go to bed early! This baby is zapping all my energy.

Ben is getting started in Southern Wells Baseball and loving it. It is a much different pace than that of basketball and football! I like having him home earlier and he has to wear those cute baseball pants (hubba hubba!).

We just got a really nice new camera, for the baby's arrival! It is one of those with a big lens and lots of buttons, now we just need to play with it! The pictures below are from the new camera, so if they are blurry, give us some more time. So far, Grissom is our only target for pictures. Speaking of baby- not sure if everyone knows or not: Baby Burman Name- Amelia Kay Burman. Beautiful, we know :) Ben came up with it!

I had my third annual Tiger Dance Company dance show this past weekend. Check out our commercial that I made, they played it at school:

Ben also took several pictures with the new camera. I loved working with these girls and as I got bigger they just got more helpful and understanding. How did I get so lucky!?

Me and my awesome assistants, Holly and Leah

We went from 4 seniors my first year- to 16 this year! 

I couldn't stop smiling!
Now, Grissom. His birthday was on Saturday, he is now 3 years old- that is 21 in dog years! Every year we get him some ice cream and extra loving. Check out this big boy while he downed his vanilla DQ ice cream!