May 23, 2013

Hello Summer!

Today was my last teacher day at Bluffton High School, tomorrow is Ben's last teacher day. I think we are both ready for some time away from the classroom and some time spent together. (Especially with Amelia's arrival around the corner.)

I have had a good great time getting ready for our little bundle of joy. I had TWO more showers at the high school, one thrown by a great friend and co-worker, Erin. The other shower was thrown by some of my swimmers! I love having so many women to go to for advice and so much support!

Below are some pictures of the decorations and me opening gifts with the staff and there is one of all the swim girls and me with Amelia (they are super excited to have a little mascot next season!)

Not the most flattering pictures, so while I am it, here are some more pregnant Amanda pictures! I can't believe how much tummy is really there.

Tomorrow I have my 37 week appointment and we will see if this little lady plans to make her arrival early or if she is perfectly content in mommy's belly. I will be sure to keep you all updated. Now that it is summer- this means more blogs, I am thinking daily.... :)