May 4, 2013

Ready for this baby....

Yes, a pregnancy post:

I am ready for this baby to make her arrival. I have 6 more weeks as of today and I am not sure if it is the warm weather, rude students, having NO clothes that fit, or feeling like a whale all the time that has me counting down the days.

If you know me, I have been a woman on the go my whole life, I do think God is using this pregnancy to make me learn to slow down. BUT at the same time, I feel the pressure to still perform as I did before I got pregnant. At work, I feel like I must be on top of my game still and give results in which super woman would be jealous. I have been called a "fat cow" by one of my wonderful students and asked countless times... "Are you going to like... I dunno.. have that baby in class..?" and my favorite, "If you leave early do we still have to do work?"

Quick answers: No I am not a cow, I still have 6 weeks, and I already made lesson plans for all my classes and a final for seniors who think if I go into labor they no longer need to come to class.....

After swimming was over, (high school and middle school) and Tiger Dance Company had their show, I was able to come home put my feet up and enjoy my little one move and start the fun time of pregnancy. For the first time in my entire motherhood journey I was loving it!.... fast forward 4 weeks. Now I am uncomfortable, irritable and counting down the days.

I am lucky to have a friend who is also pregnant and she is in the not sick, just excited stage and I am beginning to feed off her joy. Sad that it take another pregnant friend to get you out of a slump!

I am also lucky to have a husband that is willing to pick up yet ANOTHER coaching job just to make sure we can have a little cushion/savings for the baby fund. I wish he were home more (back rubs and feet messages are always needed) but I appreciate all he is doing to help prepare. I bake the baby, he saves up the dough. We are basically a fine tuned bakery.

As the days count down I am more excited to meet this baby, have some down time and enjoy my Ben being home. I can't wait to see my family hold her, go to the lake, take walks, and watch Grissom protect her (he sleeps next to my side of the bed now, it is really weird). But most of all I can't wait to just stare at her. Bring on the pain- I want to stare at my baby. That is what it all comes down to... a staring game.

No pictures this post.... I am working on getting the nursery all done and in that post I will put more of my ever growing Amelia up! Until then, send prayers, fruit, s'mores, maternity clothes or Peach Snapple Iced Tea, but mostly prayers.