May 27, 2013

Still waiting...

We are very happy that Amelia waited to make her appearance until after school was out for both Ben and me! Yet, we are now ready to meet her. In order to keep from getting grumpy with one and other Ben and I have a few things planned to keep us occupied while we wait for our bundle of joy to rock our world.

We took a quick "babymoon" trip to the lake and got a few things ready for Rosemary and Steve, (more on that later). We enjoyed some sunshine and relaxation. Grissom enjoyed some swimming and cuddle time with dad. I enjoyed the Jacuzzi bathtub, this big lady needed some serious back love. 

Grissom is in for a big change soon!

We then headed home, but not before stopping at Sam's Club to grab a few last minute baby things and dog food. We love our Sam's Club membership- buying in bulk does have its ups. (We don't need deodorant or laundry detergent until December). 

Ben's dad had some major surgery this past week- he had his Mitral Valve repaired (it was the minimally invasive surgery, yet still having your heart worked on is big news). The surgery went well and he is still in the hospital, hopefully coming home today! This type of surgery really wipes a person out, so Ben and I are going down to Indy for a few days to help take care of Steve while Rosemary heads back to work. My sister-in-law, Lindsay will also be coming out to help on Tuesday. 

Both families are so lucky we have a strong man like Ben! He has been all over the state of Indiana, coaching baseball, taking care of me and Amelia, getting the lake house summer ready, helping Rosemary with yard work. He is just the go to man with me not being able to do much and with his dad recovering. We are all so lucky! (Just a reminder- his birthday is June 3rd and his first father's day is June 16th!)

Now, pictures of the Amelia (and me) and her nursery. I will take some really nice ones when I get a chance!

On my way to a Dr. visit (37 weeks)