July 22, 2013

Life as a new parent.

Wow- life as we knew it before Amelia was boring, and we slept way too much. That is the angle I am taking anyway. I adore this little girl more than anything in the world. I grumble as I stumble to her room for a 4am feeding, then I see her cooing and looking around when she hears my voice. I then perk up and wouldn't want to be any place else.

We have been super busy with doctor visits, family vacations, and simply LIFE. So let me catch you all up.

Amelia is a lazy eater. She was very under weight after two weeks of being home. I am trying to exclusively breastfeed. We actually changed pediatricians based on how we were treated after her weight loss and my want to breastfeed. Thank the Lord we have such supportive family. Literally, Rosemary is a Lactation Consultant and OB/Labor and Delivery Nurse. Basically she is the person we call for information. I would have given up on breastfeeding if it weren't for her expert advice. Also, thank you to the women in my life that shared how hard it was for them too, my mom never really told me how tough I was at breastfeeding until now! My mom even shared some advice from my Great Grandma Minnie that helped her and now me! (Thank you herbal remedies!) Also, my husband who rubbed my back as I cried due to pain and frustration and who thanked me for going through all this for our child. I am truly and Blessed.  The good news is that Amelia, though still a tad under goal weight, reached her birth weight on my birthday. Such a relief. She weighed 8lbs at her last visit! We are making it work.

We also spent a long vacation at the lake with Lindsay, Elizabeth, Abigail, Rosemary, Steve, Atticus, Grissom and Gabby. It was a tight fit but it was fun! We had a big surprise on one of the Loon Lake signs as we pulled in! We went for walks, skiing, boat rides, watched fireworks, went fishing and just had family fun. There was never a time where someone didn't want to hold Amelia, and this gave me some time to relax too! The girls even helped me make a video, check it out.

They were obsessed, rightfully so!


We also visited Ben's grandma, Grammy Gaynelle! Amelia loved being held by her great grandma, she even pooped all over her! We were so embarrassed (even Amelia). We got a really good picture of the four generations too!
The first meeting....

She looks just like Ben *sigh*

As you all can see! Very busy- but very loved and happy. We hope to keep the posts coming. More Amelia updates, life updates and with school around the corner, school updates! Love you all!