August 14, 2013

Amelia - 2 Months

August 14th, school has started here in Bluffton! Ben is back at Southern Wells High School and is actually starting football season. I am so very lucky because I am able to stay home these next few weeks and spend some quality time with Amelia (and consequently Grissom). I get to see her grow and change from day to day. I get to change countless diapers, see hundreds of smiles and rock little miss to slumber so many times. I love it, I will say this: Stay at home moms are hard workers and deserve so much more credit than I ever gave them before! We took some pictures today (on the 14th of each month, as promised!) and you all will notice there are two different outfits... yes we had a blow out in the first outfit, so a change was needed :)

Facts about Amelia:

Amelia has very distinct cries.
Amelia LOVES bath time.
Amelia still breastfeeds but sometimes supplements with formula.
Amelia still sleeps "through' the night.
Amelia is in cloth diapers!
Amelia travels to the YMCA with mommy.
Amelia recognizes daddy's voice when he gets home.
Amelia is excited to attend football games.
Amelia is learning how to motion "Boiler Up!"

Grissom checking out the little one.