August 14, 2013

August Birthdays

Just a quick post to say happy birthday to two very special ladies in mine, Ben, Amelia and Grissom's lives.

August 12th - Grandma Glenna
This beautiful woman has traveled the world, been a successful business woman, has her own business, is getting really good at golf.  Somehow she is always there to support me and my ever growing family. I have only ever want to be just like her. Happy Birthday Grandma! Be safe on your trip!

August 14th - Abigail
This bundle of joy and energy turned four today! I have never met a child that is so entertaining. Her imagination is wild and her spunk is hilarious. I hope Amelia gets the right amount of spunk and imagination from her cousin. They are after all named after the same woman- know to have a hilarious and stern side! (Gaynelle!) Here is to a brave birthday!