August 23, 2013

Getting in a routine!

I just sat down to organize the bills for the end of the month and next month! Looks like everything is ready to go. We are finishing up all our bills from the delivery and subsequent doctor visits. Having a baby is not cheap. I also realized, just because I get things organized and ready in a timely manner, does NOT mean my insurance company works as quickly as I do. I was getting bills for Amelia (since she was added to our plan a little later - they think she has no coverage) even after I took care of all that paper work and was already PAYING the insurance company for a family plan. Keep up people.

I thought I would do a quick post to share the Burman routine. That is right we are starting to get into the "new"- normal. Do not worry, I have also gathered a few pictures, not my fancy new hobby but iPhone worthy images!

I am home with Amelia until October 15th. I took the first 9 weeks off. Thank the Lord I am able to do this! She is just starting to gain weight at a great pace and we are getting things like, cloth diapers, nap time, and breastfeeding down! I am so lucky that we are able to budget for this time off. She is growing so fast and is like a new baby each morning.

Ben is getting into a groove at school. Football is also starting to smooth into our weekly routine. He is running three days a week after work and even playing basketball with some of the faculty on Wednesday mornings. (More on "Operation: Burman Get Skinny" later.) His new school website and 1:1 Digital Initiative is going great and Ben has become the building Google Guru! He is so smart. Check out his websites here! Though I hate him being away for football, I adore watching him coach. We went to watch him at the scrimmage.

Ok here is our rough routine:

5:00am - Morning Feeding
6:30am - Ben up, play with Amelia, get ready for work
7:00am - Amelia eat/morning nap, Ben off to work
9:00am - Amanda and Amelia YMCA or Clean House
12:00pm - Lunch
12:30-5:30 - Amelia eats, naps, tummy time, poops etc. I basically play feeder and cleaner upper.
6:30 - Daddy home! Ben runs or plays with Amelia while Amanda makes dinner.
7:30 - Dinner (for Amelia too!)
8:00pm - Amelia bath, we take turns giving her a bath.
9:30pm - Amelia bottle (formula) from Ben and then bed.
10:30pm - Adults to bed!

Don't worry in there we also play with Grissom and feed him- he also normally goes running with Ben :) It is getting to where Amelia will take three long naps and then nurses every two hours! She weighs 9lbs 5oz!! Look how big she is getting.


Alright- off to workout and shower before the next feeding- we might go see daddy for lunch!