September 5, 2013

Super Quick.

While Amelia takes one of her naps, I will update this bad boy.

As Amelia grows, so does her personality (and her exposure to germs). We have had a few rough nights as we think she has an ear infection or is showing symptoms of teething. Either way, she hates being flat on her back (Thank you Bill for the Mattress Wedge!) and she cries for a long while and will NOT latch on for feedings. I had to pump a few meals yesterday so she could eat from a bottle. I guess it is easier for her to eat sitting more upright and it isn't as hard to suck.

I was exhausted yesterday. The first day of "I seriously can't wait for your dad to get home...." I even FaceTimed with my mom so she could digitally entertain Amelia while I got a breather. Parenting 24/7 is tough, what is worse is when I can't tell what is wrong and I just want her to feel better! We have an appointment in 2 hours with a Pediatrician. I hope we get some answers!

We went to the lake over Labor Day Weekend. It was nice because Rosemary and Steve haven't seen Amelia in a while and it is always fun to have them see all the new things she is doing! Also, Rosemary love her patio swing, Amelia loves to be held and swing, SO..... Amelia spent lots of time on the swing with MawMaw. That also made it nice for me since I was able to put on my swim suit, and FLOAT. I got sunburned but I was just so happy to float, Ben skied and I watched. We ate lots of burgers, brats and corn on the cob! It was perfect.

Note: Three years ago this past weekend was when Ben proposed, at Loon Lake too! Crazy how three years can change us so much.

Pictures some other time- I have lots to do in this short nap time! She is at the age where she needs some sort of entertainment now... thankfully she isn't moving, yet.