September 14, 2013

Trip to Indianapolis

Yesterday, Amelia and I took a big trip to see Caitlin and Will, followed by Rosemary and Steve! It was our longest trip alone to date. I must say, she was the perfect traveler. She slept the entire way there, then played and did normal baby things, like eating and pooping. We went to eat with Caitlin after taking a walk on the Monon in Carmel. The place we ate was called Bub's and they have famous burgers! Like, it was on the TV show Man vs. Food. 

Also, while there I got to see Caitlin's BEAUTIFUL engagement ring! Will popped the question in July. I must say, he did great. I am also happy to announce that both Ben and I will be standing up there in support of this amazing couple! Caitlin asked me in the coolest way, she made these boxes and has a small champagne and a nail polish with a little note. How awesome is this!?

Here are some more pictures from our visit with Will and Caitlin! 

After leaving Carmel, we surprised Rosemary and Steve with a quick visit before heading home. They were going to the lake so it was perfect timing. 

The trip home was not as quiet, it was bed time at 7pm when we arrived home and Amelia was tired! After she hit the hay I was able to fold laundry and get to bed myself. Ben arrived home REALLY late. They lost 26-27 in overtime in a town about 3 miles south of Michigan. Long night.

It was a fun trip- not one I will make by myself very often!