October 14, 2013

Amelia - 4 Months

Today is the first of many trips to drop Amelia off. I go back to work on Wednesday and I am not looking forward to leaving Miss Amelia behind. I started taking her to the sitter today to try and get her into a routine and so I can get used to not having her around. (I also have TONS of work to prepare for swimming, and my classroom!) Today also marks a big day, Amelia is 4 months old! Where has the time gone? I felt like these milestones would never happen.... sadly they are and she is growing before our eyes!

Facts about Amelia:

Amelia is still nursing, though it has been getting rough since she prefere the fast pace of a bottle.
Amelia loves watching cartoons.
Amelia recognizes daddy and mommy.
Amelia follows objects and people with her eyes.
Amelia has rolled from her belly to her back!
Amelia is a water baby, loves bath time more than anything.
Amelia sleeps in her crin 99% of the time.
Amelia goes to the nursery at Church.
Amelia laughs, giggles and smiles at mommy and daddy.
Amelia loves holding her feet.
Amelia puts EVERYTHING in her mouth.
Amelia talks, as in babbles and we love it.
Amelia is actually playing with toys and is very inquisitive.
Amelia is going to the babysitter's house now 5 days a week.

Daddy's Little Girl

Amelia also got a new mobile for over her crib, Ben helped hang it up this weekend! I think it looks great and later when she out grows this cool thing can be a decoration!