October 9, 2013

Amelia's Dedication and Family Fun!

This past week has been crazy, baby dedication, family from ALL OVER the country visiting, puppies due, baking cookies, ER visit, staples and pictures. Yes, that all happened in the last few days. I thought my life was boring!

Let us start with some pictures of Amelia, she was dedicated to The Lord on Sept. 29th and lots of family came to support this big moment! I have so many pictures of family members holding her, I just don't have enough room on this blog for them all! Here are a few from the actual ceremony.

Pastor Matt giving the message.

Pastor Gary introducing each baby and family.

After the dedication we had a cookout, rain made us cram into our little house, but it was so good to visit with family and finally meet Tim, my soon to be Brother-in-Law. Thats right, Stephanie locked one down! Way to go Stephanie. Aren't they just so cute?

We also had a chance to take a picture of all the "Berhalter Kids" for dad. He will just have to wait and see that at Christmas :) After all the family left, Bobbie and the boys stayed for one more day with us before leaving to go back to Florida. While here I helped Steven with a paper, and Ben did work with Nick on math (fractions are NOT my thing) and learning the capitols of all the states. He got them all before he left!

Then, GG (Grandma Glenna to me, GG to Amelia) came and spent 4 days at our house. She rocked, fed and entertained this ALMOST 4 month old baby while I cleaned and got caught up on life/sleep. She even helped me make 6 dozen cookies for the Southern Wells Football team dinner. How do we thank her? We send her home with 3 staples in the head! 

See, Grissom is attached to the sliding door when he goes out to pee, well grandma put him out and he saw a little dog, ran after it and grandma got her head smashed. Called 911 and all that jazz, she is so hard headed (pun intended!) I ended up driving her to the ER and from there all things were just fine. I felt terrible and she got Grissom a toy. WE ALL LOVE that woman. 

Now, back to reality. I have been working out and preparing for my debut at school next Wednesday. Swimming starts Monday and Amelia begins going to Miss Ashley's on Monday. We are hitting the ground running and I am not sure if I am ready. But here goes nothing. I am not sure when I will blog again, but I promise lots of pictures when I do.