October 21, 2013

Working Parents and Sick Baby

This past week was my first week back to school and swimming started. I also started taking Amelia to her sitter's house full time. It has been an emotional roller coaster to say the least. I have an extreme sense of guilt as I leave her but when I get to school I am back to power teaching. I almost forgot to pump one day because I was prepping lesson plan stuff.

Speaking of pumping, breast feeding has come to a rough halt. My supply took a nose dive and she got sick and has a hard time nursing with a stuffy nose. I have been reverting to the bottle because she can eat easier and it soothes her. Looks like I might be going to formula sooner than I ever thought. I am actually becoming ok with this. The important thing is that she is getting nourishment. I plan to breastfeed in mornings and at night for as long as she wants, just during the day starting cutting back on the pumping. I will continue what I am doing now for two more weeks then start the weaning if my supply doesn't pick up.

I worked so very hard at it and it never really got easy, we struggled through weight gain and my stubbornness about not giving any formula. Lots of tears and frustration. I was lucky to be home for so long and that really made the difference, being back at work and away from the little hungry hippo has been tough, emotionally and physically. Breastfeeding was, and still is, the hardest thing I have ever attempted. All you moms who get tons of milk and can nurse easily are so lucky!

In other news, Amelia ROLLED OVER this weekend. We stayed home from church since sick babies cannot go to the nursery and we knew she wouldn't last in the service. It was nice to wake up slow with her and snuggle her sick self back to somewhat healthy. I made a video- enjoy the lead up to the roll!

My husband is the BOMB. We went to Fort Wayne on Saturday, and shopped a little. Ben is such a sport about traveling with Amelia and helps so much. She had a meltdown in Target and Ben stayed in the store while I took her out to the car and nursed her. He came out with a new coat for her, lip gloss for me, and baby Tylenol for ALL OF US. He even gets up and helps after I have been up for 30 minutes. He is so freaking helpful. I am so lucky. He is also supportive and didn't make fun or tease me once when I was having meltdowns about taking her to the sitter or stressing about going back to school. His new slogan, "what can I do to help?"

our sick baby....