November 23, 2013

Amelia - 5 Months

Yes I am late in posting this wonderful event in our lives, but after reading you all might understand why. This past week has been CRAZY! Both Ben and I are now in our winter coaching seasons and realizing how hectic things can get. We are beyond thankful for Miss Ashley (Amelia's Caregiver during the day!) She is so flexible and helpful. She has been through a rough few months herself but still showers love and guidance on our family.

Swimming is going great! We are 2-0 and the parents are so helpful, we have a list of babysitters for home meets. So far I couldn't ask for a more responsible team, they know I have to go pick Amelia up after school and often walk in at 3:02 and practice starts at 3:00. They are in AND swimming before I get there. I love their work ethic.

Ben is just getting into basketball season, they are in that weird calm before the storm of games. They take care of pictures, who is on varsity and J.V. then all hell breaks loose before Thanksgiving! I can't wait to go to a game with little miss Amelia! It will be a busy season for her too!

Facts about Amelia:
Amelia is still on breast milk 80% of the time. We found a breast milk donor since I am no longer able to keep up with her needs.
Amelia is still in cloth diapers.
Amelia is rolling over.
Amelia has a favorite movie: Tappy Toes
Amelia is very interactive- smiles, laughs, grunts and coos.
Amelia loves sleeping in the car.
Amelia STILL loves bath time.
Amelia is wearing 6 month clothes.
Amelia weighs a little over 14 pounds.
Amelia sleeps in her crib and is doing so well at night.
Amelia goes to swim practice everyday and is part of the team.
Amelia reaches and grabs items.
Amelia holds her own bottle!