December 16, 2013

Amelia - 6 months

Wait, six months... that is half a year! Where is the time going? Each day is something new in the world that is parenting. I love this age! She is so cute in every aspect. We are working on baby sign language and loving it! We are also introducing new foods every few days. Her stomach is not welcoming all the changes. Looks like she got her mommy's stomach, not one of the better traits I could have passed down. Sorry kiddo.

Per usual, we are busy. This is our craziest time of year. We have daytime care set up with Miss Ashley and sitters lined up for when I have home meets (my swim moms love watching Amelia!) and now we also have a sitter for nights when I have away meets and Ben has away games. Being a coaches kid just means you get to meet so many people!

Luckily Amelia knows no strangers, yet. She is a smiling baby that is perfectly awesome (another trait she must get from me!) Look at the pictures below, I took SO many, this girl is a natural.

Facts about Amelia:
Amelia loves her bouncy seat.
Amelia is sleeping through the night like a BOSS.
Amelia is now saying "DADADADADA" - See video below.
Amelia is rolling all over the place.
Amelia is starting solids, but is still on breast milk 80% of the time.
Amelia still loves bath time.
Amelia explores the world through her mouth.
Amelia loves daddy's beard.
Amelia smiles when we pick her up in the morning.
Amelia grunts when she wants something really bad.
Amelia falls asleep in the car.
Amelia loves Grissom (Grissom... still not to sure about the tiny human.)