December 2, 2013

Thanks stomach for the Christmas Tree?

That title makes ZERO sense, but really sums up our 5 day break from school. Thanksgiving in Noblesville, followed by the stomach flu, then we finally got to Christmafying the house.

We started break with a trip to Noblesville to see family and puppies, and to eat of course! Amelia even got an early gift, a play jumper that is simply amazing.

She loves petting you as you feed her.
Loving life, and her new toys!
After that we headed home, I had practice in the morning and so did Ben, that all went fine, and Amelia was enjoying being home. I started feeling gross around 4pm and started throwing up around 8pm, I made it through the night and woke up to Ben getting sick. The timing was great (odd I know) since Amelia slept through the night and then I was well enough to care for her and Ben. I think Ben got it worse than me since he was couch bound with football for two days (did he play the sick card to watch football?... I will never know). Amelia never got sick, thankfully!

Sick daddy, playful Amelia.
After we started feeling better we finished hanging lights, putting up our REAL Christmas tree (Ben will judge you if you have a fake one.) and cleaning the house. I love our house during this season. It smells good and looks so festive! Amelia helped us decorate and put the start on the tree:

We are feeling better, loving the holidays and ready to get all the gifts wrapped and cards sent out! Happy December!!