January 21, 2014

Amelia - 7 Months

This post is rather late, but know I took the pictures on time! That counts for something right? Today we have a surprise snow day. This is great news since the Burman household is recovering from the stomach flu. I am a whole new woman after clearing out my insides and I know Ben is starting to feel himself again. Amelia hasn't shown any symptoms of the stomach bug, just teething. Poor girl woke up last night crying (never does that) and I had to go get her to calm down. Some baby tylenol and cuddles from mommy helped.

Amelia is getting some new characteristics (and nick names). My favorite is "Squirmin Burman" this little girl is on the move always. Sitting in someones lap is a thing of the past. She is still enjoying her bouncy seat and that contains her. (Thank you Lord). Next, "Mumbling Millie" our little girl likes the sound of her own voice (wonder where she gets that from?) she is always making noise now, the only sound she doesn't make is Momomomoma. I might be a little bitter about that one.

Facts about Amelia:
Amelia is eating lots of baby food.
Amelia still is not a fan of pears.
Amelia is doing so well at Miss Ashley's during the day!
Amelia enjoys going to swim practice with Mommy.
Amelia is learning baby sign language (she can say "more")!
Amelia seems to be teething big time.
Amelia is wearing an Amber Teething necklace (seems to help.)
Amelia love all things with buttons.
Amelia scoots backwards, but not forward yet.
Amelia rolls where she wants to go.
Amelia will play in her crib alone.
Amelia sleeps from 6:30pm-6:30am (SOMETIMES LONGER).
Amelia learned to take off hats, her own and others.
Amelia holds her own bottle.
Amelia is showing more intense emotions. (see pictures below)

Warning me that she was about done with this....
Beyond pissed, took the bow and boots off. She was DONE.