January 31, 2014

Happy Birthday Grandma/Grammy!!

Thursday was Grandma Gaynelle's birthday! Grandma/Grammy is such an amazing and inspirational woman to all of us.  Her humor and positive outlook on life is always so refreshing and her wisdom in giving advice is always welcome.  She has been through so many interesting, difficult, and great times in her life and she has a story for everything.  The woman's mind is a steel trap.  She can remember specific conversations that she had with her grandchildren and even Steve when they were children.  She and Grandpa Bill were such an amazing couple and such an incredible example of how to make things work in marriage.  The world is definitely a better place because she is here and we hope that Amelia, who got her middle name Kay from Grammy Gaynelle, can grow to be half the woman that her Grammy is, and leave a legacy like Grandma has as well.  If she is able to do these things, we will consider ourselves successes as parents and the world will have another strong, loving, funny, and wise woman.  Happy Birthday Grandma!