January 6, 2014

Snow Day and Chalkboard

Today Ben and I both have snow days! Though, this is great since we were to be heading back to school today, we currently have no power and the day is supposed to be getting colder. Pray for our safety.

Since we pretty much knew the schools would cancel we crafted and worked on the house yesterday. I got a new dry erase calendar for Christmas, we really needed one! (We live off our calendar.) So we took the old one down, but I had something else in mind for the metal garage door. 

I borrowed some chalk paint from my friend Holly and went to town! We measured, leveled and primed, I then decorated.

And we put our calendar on the other side of the room- that was all Ben! 

Now, off to cuddle this warm baby girl, nap time on mommy helps keep us both warm. I have also never been so thankful for my blogger app on my phone! 

Stay warm!