January 7, 2014

Snow days are amazing.

We are going on snow day number three tomorrow! I am loving having Ben home, Amelia home and having no plans. This is the first time in our memory that we have both been home with no need to leave for a long time. I have been a cooking machine and we have been getting things done around the house that I never thought we would get to until spring. 

Today we did all the laundry and I ironed so many shirts and pants! I hate ironing. It always looks like fun until about three dress shirts in. I made a few frames for our master bedroom and started redecorating the office. Ben gets cabin fever, I start nesting (and Amelia... well she just teethes.) I have a few pictures from our extended break. 

Amelia has been chilling, snacking and cuddling. She has also been experimenting with new foods! Today we tried carrots and avocado. Great news she loved it all. So far the only no go was pears. If you don't follow my Instagram you should. I post videos and pictures from day to day activities. She also got to spend time with "Aunt" Lexie as we have dubbed her. Lexie is our photographer, assistant coach, dog sitter, house sitter and trusted friend. She has become our family in town! She babysat Amelia last week while Ben and I went on a date! 

Amelia (Millie) has also been really interested in all things that go in our mouths. Her you can see here trying to get to my coffee this morning. I thought it was funny until she was really going to get a face full of hot coffee. I put the phone down and gave her an apple instead. 

Then we have the weather. We have been doing well since Monday! Staying warm thanks to my wonderful husband! Ben has shoveled the drive two times and kept everything ready for us! Here you can see him bundled up to shovel the drive. It was -31 outside, Grissom wanted to play for about 2 minutes and then bounded back into the warm house. 

Since we have tomorrow off as well, I might post again! I know, you are all getting spoiled with these posts. Don't get to used to it, we are on the downward swing of swimming and basketball. From here on out we tuck our heads and push through. Happy Snow Day(s)! I leave you with Millie eating an avocado. Good night!