Winter Break 2013-2014

Winter Break 2013-2014

Here in the Burman home, we LOVE winter break. We get to spend time with each other, see family, work to better our teams and of course the holidays!

I have been a lazy blogger busy lady. My apologies for not getting more pictures, videos and all around information out to all you followers. Our break started off with a visit from my dad, "Pappy" and that was pure fun! Amelia enjoyed the extra attention and loved grabbing the glasses off Pappy's face.

Christmas followed quickly. We spent Christmas Eve and Christmas Day with Ben's family. I love getting to see everyone in one day. Amelia was spoiled by all her grandparents this year and loved playing with wrapping paper. Thank you to everyone for the toys, outfits, gadgets and love. I teared up several times this holiday season. Having a child has helped me view this time of year as a celebration of a little life.

We had practice to return to after Christmas, and then we headed back to Noblesville to celebrate Rosemary's birthday! This was her first birthday with ALL the kids there! Very exciting. We went to Olive Garden and everyone behaved- we were most worried about Rosemary, you know how birthday girls get (ha!).

Following Rosemary's birthday we made our way to Loon Lake for a few days of rest. We went for a few walks, took long warm baths, had a fire in the fireplace and drank wine. It was wonderful (minus the mouse visitors!)

Onto the NYE. We are lame new parents and luckily we know two just as lame people who also have a new baby. We hung out with the Leising Family. Amelia loves Kalvin, I love Holly, and Ben loves Bill. It was a successful evening.

We go back to school/work on Monday and it will be a fun year! Be on the look out for Ben's year in review post coming soon.....
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